Bowfield Farm Interview on Urban Vine

March 8, 2024

This interview appeared on Urban Vine and details Bowfield Farm, an indoor farming company based in Ireland. The interview is with Ciara Allen, Managing Director at Bowfield Farm.

What is the origin story of Bowfield Farm?

Bowfield Farm is over 200 years in the Allen family and up until recently was primarily breeding organic Hereford cattle. However, the family have been looking at ways to diversify the farm, focusing on sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly farming methods.

So in the summer of 2022, the family invested in a vertical hydroponic farm growing micro greens and baby-leaf salads.

Bowfield farm micro green product and lifestyle shoot

What are some of the biggest challenges facing Bowfield Farm in the future?

Vertical farming requires significant up front capital investment, this can be challenging when the business is driven by a family rather than a large corporation. This is a relatively new industry in Ireland with very few experts in vertical farming or hydroponics so everything is a learning.

What is unique about Bowfield Farm compared to competitors?

There are less than a handful of vertical farms in Ireland so this gives us the edge by being able to grow 365 days of the year where are competitors resort to importing produce when the Irish climate is too wet and cold (Oct – Mar). We also offer our produce “live” or “harvested” which means we can sell our produce with the roots still intact and the product can be hand harvested as needed or we can harvest the product. With being a vertical farm, we take up a very small footprint of land, less than 1 acre but yet we have capacity to grow up to 30 acres of produce.

How do you measure the impact of your company so far? (Revenue, Employees, Customer Quantity, Production Volume) etc?

We are still very early days in this venture but I’m excited about the future of what we can do and where this company is going.

Bowfield farm micro green product and lifestyle shoot

What have you learned that you wish you knew when you started the company?

Starting a new business, particularly within an industry that is relatively new in this country, you need to be passionate and highly motivated. Developing a start-up takes a lot of work and commitment. It requires constant learning and a strong ability to overcome obstacles, bureaucracy, and regulations. However, creating something new is highly satisfying, especially if it involves producing high-quality and sustainable food for our communities.

How can people connect with you or learn more about Bowfield Farm?

‍We are in the process of building our website:

We are also on social media: Facebook (Bowfield Farm) and Instagram (bowfieldfarm).

We are based in Ballaghmore, Borris-In-Ossory, Co. Laois.


Landline Ph: (+353) 0505 41798

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