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Our farm in County Laois has been in our family for over 200 years. Originally a livestock farm, our family have diversified and added a vertical hydroponic farm where we grow microgreens and edible flowers. Our family are continually looking at new innovative products to grow.

From cattle to greens

Having moved to organic beef farming over 15 years ago we are now also growing an exciting new blend of microgreens. These small green leaves with big nutritional benefits can be added to salads, smoothies and steaks. Microgreens are 40 times* more nutritious than fully grown vegetables and 40% tastier* than regular salad greens. They grow in a fraction of the time, reducing resources required and eliminating air miles.


In the 1700’s the ancestors of the Allen family started running the farm.


William Allen started farming the land which included introducing pedigree Hereford cattle to the farm which still exist here today.


Iris originally from Eyrecourt, Co Galway married William Allen and they had four boys, Ivor, Keith, Noel and Clive.


William died and Noel and Ivor took over farming the land and continues to do so today.


Clive married Ciara and they now have three children, Cameron, Christian and Cate.


In July, Noel and sister-in-law Ciara decided to to build a Vertical Hydroponic farm.


October bank holiday weekend, Bowfield Farm attended Savour Kilkenny showcasing our microgreens for the first time!


Bowfield Farm goes live!


Keeping it
in the family

They’ve been involved in how we’re growing microgreens, and
involving our children early is how we can bring them into
the future of the company. We're really hopeful that our children will get involved and get engaged and hopefully take it over from us.

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We love innovation
and creativity

We love innovation and creativity so we continue to explore opportunities
for new product lines that work well in a hydroponic vertical farm
environment, and these opportunities are vast! So watch this space
as we continue to grow and develop our products.

Our Products

High Nutrient Value, Low Waste

Naturally nutritious, our microgreens are untouched by pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. In fact, they’re completely untouched as they grow in our hydroponic vertical farming modules, so you and yours can eat well and live well - now and into the future.


Microgreens are 40 times* more nutritious than fully grown vegetables and 40% tastier* than regular salad greens.


Our 200 year old farm is steeped in provenance, and we want you and your community to reap what we sow and enjoy the taste and benefits of microgreens.


We’re less than an acre site, but yet we can produce up to 30 acres of product from seed.

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