Microgreens have big nutritional benefits and can be added to salads, smoothies and steaks. Microgreens are 40 times* more nutritious than fully grown vegetables and 40% tastier* than regular salad greens. They grow in a fraction of the time, reducing resources required and eliminating air miles.

Garlic Chive

Garlic Chive microgreens are very young Chive plants.



Garlic Chive microgreens are very young Chive plants. They are harvested right after the solitary cotyledon unfurls, which is much faster than waiting for the whole plant to mature. Once grown, a tray of garlic chives microgreens looks like a mat of bright green grass dotted with dark purple seed hulls. The microgreen has a mild onion flavour similar to chives, while it also has the recognisable taste of garlic. These microgreens are great with stir-fries, eggs, salads, sanwiches.

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